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Clarified The Situation Of The Business With Investment
25 september '18 to 09:58
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 10 comments
Goodmorning moneymakers, it is a long time that I do not hear anymore writing in this blog and I apologize for this. But today I wanted to inform you that I clarified the situation regarding the business with investment, whose section was therefore reintroduced in MoneyMakerLand. After the recall by the Consob for the advertising of business not legal completions in Italy (MoneyMakerLand is based in Italy and it needs......
Guide About Uploading Payment's Proofs
24 may '18 to 11:23
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 25 comments
Goodmorning MoneyMakers, how are you? It's a bit 'that does not feel like I've been busy with the cycling team I work for, but I've always worked at MoneyMakerLand trying to fix the little things that you have reported to me or complained about. Among the many things realized, these are the noteworthy ones: - fixed the last things for the adaptation to the next introduction of the GDPR; - removed the obligation......
MoneyMakerLand Adapts To The New GDPR Regulation
26 april '18 to 23:08
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 11 comments
Good moneymakers, I disturb you at this time because I wanted to inform you that the community has adapted to the new legislation that will be in force from 25 May. For those few who did not know, in about a month the controversial European law "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation) EU 2016/679 on the processing of personal data will come into force. It is a very restrictive law that wants to give a strong......
MoneyMakerLand Is On TrustPilot
04 april '18 to 16:46
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 66 comments
Goodmorning MoneyMakers, how are you? I bother you briefly because I'm working to try to make this community popular even outside Italy and I wanted to offer you a little masterpiece! First of all I wanted to inform you that I recently created a profile on the most famous social networks and I am contacting a girl for their management: up to now I have never fully exploited this communication channel and, therefore, in this ......
Change Of Name For The Community: MoneyMakerLand
29 march '18 to 11:42
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 11 comments
Good morning everyone: how are you? Everything good? I disturb you with this article because this morning there was a small big change in the community! Some of you will surely have noticed: the community has changed its name and from GetMyRefs we moved to MoneyMakerLand, literally "The land of those who make money". Why this change? More than legitimate question considering that within th......
Methods With Investment Are Blacked Out
19 march '18 to 18:58
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 19 comments
Good evening everyone, as you will have noticed on GetMyRefs all the businesses with a initial investment have been obscured. Unfortunately this is not an error, but this cancellation was the result of my voluntary action: from now on will no longer be accepted business that require an initial deposit. I am aware that this decision will infuriate some of you users who with their earning methods round up ......
Updates To The Payment Proofs Service
09 february '18 to 14:56
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 14 comments
Good morning guys. Sorry if these days I'm publishing a lot of new articles in the blog, but with my new job (the real one, physiotherapist) I have much less time available and, when I'm home, I put in place all the improvements that I note during the transfers. First of all let me celebrate for the result achieved in these days by GetMyRefs: we have entered the list of the best 100,000 sites in the world and we are a......
Created An Internal GP Faucet
07 february '18 to 14:08
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 21 comments
Goodmorning everyone. Yesterday I was forced to eliminate microjobs from GetMyRefs, but, as always happens, my second thought immediately went to the community and what could I insert to guarantee an alternative service to accumulate GP? And here's the solution: an internal GP faucet. The faucet (literally "tap") are sites that, with the advance of cryptocurrencies, are depopulating in the Internet worl......
Fixed The Error In The Public Chats
27 november '17 to 08:39
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 9 comments
Good morning to everyone, how are you? Excuse me, but I'm writing this article on the blog to inform you of a fix I made this morning. In the last 10 days I received several reports about a malfunction in public chats that prevented certain messages from being sent. Honestly in recent days I had a lot to do with postgraduate bureaucracy and interviews, so attempts to solve the problem were pretty superficial....
Get A Percentage Of Your Referral's Activity
06 november '17 to 22:05
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 13 comments
Good evening to everyone. As always, I am at work to try to improve the service by meeting all of you who, on a daily basis, suggested ideas to have a better service. Obviously every request needs to be screened to ensure the sustainability of the system, but tonight I am honored to inform you about a recent update: if you are a PREMIUM user you will be able to receive 10% of the points earned by your referrals! ......
Spillover For PREMIUM Users
29 october '17 to 16:27
Aggiornamenti da GetMyRefs | 19 comments
Good morning and good Sunday to everyone. How did you find yourself with the new GetMyRefs project? The international launch seems to be ingrained and we hope the situation continues this step. I am here today to write this article because I have made a pretty important update regarding membership PREMIUM. From today, PREMIUM users will have an extra advantage: receive membership registrations without sponsorsh......