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Get free referrals for your online earning methods
Trova referrals per il tuo guadagno online

Advertising Banner In MoneyMakerLand

This service allows to buy banners in the MoneyMakerLand portal.
In addition to providing important visual advertising for your business or projects, the system is perfectly optimized and automated to offer the promoter unique tools of their kind: thanks to a genial mechanism studied in the smallest details that allows the opening of private conversations to have the possibiity to talk with the potential customers.
The system is organized to maximize visualizations without having a scattering of funds: here are some tips
The banner is never displayed to the user who has promoted the advertising campaign, so no extra display will be wasted.
In order to don't exhaust in short time the budget and, above all, to keep the user's attention high, we show the same advertisement only 2 times for IP over the 30 minute time span.
If a user browses within the site for a long time, after some viewing, the AD is temporarily suspended for 30'.
Choose the available banner formats: 300x250
Insert image and links, preview and save your banner
Offer extra GP to be assigned to those who click on the banner (*optional)
If the click comes from a community member, a private chat will be automaticly opened where you can convince the customer to follow you
Banners are purchased based on the views each time they appear to a user

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Some numbers

Updated at 5 october 2017
MoneyMakerLand was officially launched on 1st october 2017 and can count on an average of 900 visitors a day, exceeding the 210.000 pages viewed monthly. Our project sees the participation of 14.300 members who, thanks to us, have received over 34.500 clicks on advertising banners.