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Want to be a beta tester for a partner project?

Created by MoneyMakerLand Calendar November 18, 2022 How to make money online in 2024
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Reading timeReading time: 2 mins
ood morning guys, how are you?
First of all, I apologize for having been away from MoneyMakerLand for such a long time, but due to work and family issues I unfortunately only had a little time to dedicate to the project.
Despite this I have seen that the community has grown a lot and I wanted to thank all the elite users who have done an impeccable job in the administration of this huge digital machine. Seeing this effort fills me really pride, so I promise that I will re-engage in the management of the platform and I also announce that I am still pursuing a couple of ideas to improve MoneyMakerLand both in terms of graphics and services.

Furthermore, in recent months we have personally collaborated in the creation of a new online earning project and I have strongly pushed that MoneyMakerLand users need to have great advantages when using it.
The official launch of the project will take place in a few weeks (we are talking about December 1st) and the time has now come to test the service with a greater number of people looking for bugs or navigation difficulties: this beta testing phase will be launched on Tuesday 22 November.

We're looking for 25 beta testers who are willing to test the service before the official launch. Obviously it's nothing mandatory or difficult to perform and I want to underline how the use of the service is totally free.

All those who are interested in preview testing the service, please send me a private message and I will provide all the details with the requirements and goal of the project.
I also want to reiterate not only that the created method will be totally free to use, but above all that MoneyMakerLand users will be entitled to an extra 10% earnings for life.

Thank you,

Click on the button below to access my profile to write me a private message


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ITA Dory19
• 18 november 22, 15:45
Uelaa,finalmente sentiamo la tua voce! Io personalmente sono più che entusiasta del tuo progetto ma purtroppo non sono interessata a testare il servizio. Grazie cmq è in bocca al lupo!
ITA Robertoz
• 19 november 22, 11:25
Mancano informazioni minime, troppo vago...
PAK Mudassar4766
• 25 september 23, 09:21
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